Are You Making These Common Cat-Owner Mistakes?

If you own a cat, we know you’re always trying to be the best pet owner you can be. But no one is perfect. It turns out that there are a few common cat-owner mistakes. Your veterinarian Webster, NY tells you more below.

Not Encouraging Exercise

It’s easy for a cat to live a sedentary lifestyle—after all, napping and eating are two of their favorite things. But unfortunately, this can lead to obesity in many cats, so don’t skimp on exercise. Get your feline friends moving daily with toys, a cat tower, or a simple piece of string.


When a cat free-feeds, meaning they graze on food that’s left out constantly, they tend to gain excess weight. It’s better to feed Fluffy in measured portion sizes at scheduled mealtimes. Ask your veterinarian for help with your cat’s portion size and meal schedule.

Skipping Preventatives

Cats can get worms, fleas, and ticks just like dogs can, even if they don’t go outside. Make sure to keep up-to-date with your cat’s preventatives to ward off the danger!

Does your cat need veterinary attention? We’re always here for you. Set up an appointment with your vet clinic Webster, NY right away.