Answering Your FAQs on Fluffy’s Hairballs

Have you ever seen your cat cough up a hairball? It certainly doesn’t look pleasant. The question is, are hairballs a normal part of life, or are they dangerous? Learn more here from a veterinarian Tampa, FL.

What Makes Hairballs Form?

Your cat swallows a lot of her own hair while grooming herself. Most of it moves through the digestive tract and gets expelled naturally in the feces. Some remains in the gut, however, and clumps together over time to form a hairball. Eventually, that hairball is expelled.

Are Hairballs Harmful in Any Way?

The occasional hairball is perfectly normal and isn’t harmful to your cat in any way. If you see your cat coughing up a lot of hairballs, though, it could be cause for concern—let your veterinarian know. And if your cat seems to be choking on something lodged in the throat, rush her to the closest veterinary emergency room for treatment.

How Can I Minimize Hairball Production?

Feed your cat a high-quality diet, which reduces shedding. Brush Fluffy regularly to stop her from swallowing so much hair. It’s as simple as that!

Learn more about your cat’s hairballs by contacting your vet clinic Tampa, FL today.