3 Quick Care Tips for Fido’s Fur

Take a look at your dog’s coat of fur. How does it look? Since your dog isn’t as good at self-grooming as your feline friend is, it’s up to you to keep Fido’s fur in good shape. Here are a few tips from a vet Lewisville, TX on doing just that:

Brush Regularly

There’s just no substitute for regular brushing. This simple act helps to remove dirt and grime from underneath the fur, smooth any tangles to prevent matting, and spread skin oils through the entire coat to moisturize it naturally. It’s especially important if your dog has long or curly fur! 

Bathe Occasionally

Bathing your dog every now and then is a great way to make sure the skin and fur stay clean and fresh. Always use a canine-formulated shampoo, rather than a shampoo made for humans or other animals, and don’t bathe too frequently. This can dry out the skin, leading to a poor coat quality and increased shedding. 

Feed a Great Diet

What your dog eats directly translates to his coat health. It’s simple: feed a quality diet for a great coat of fur! 

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