Having Two Dogs Meet Safely

It’s a safe bet that your dog will meet another dog at some point, whether you’re bringing home another canine companion or whether you’re simply passing another dog on the street. How can you have two dogs meet safely? Use these tips from a veterinarian Lewisville, TX:

Take it slow.

Rule number one: take things slow and don’t force the dogs together. That’s a recipe for disaster. Allow the dogs to see and smell one another from a distance before approaching, then carefully proceed. Going too quickly might overwhelm one or both animals. 

Use leashes. 

Keep both dogs on leashes during their initial meeting. That way, both parties have control over each dog, and they can be pulled away from one another if the meeting doesn’t go well. 

Pay attention to body language. 

If you see body-language warning signs like bared teeth, growling, flattened ears, hair raised on the back, and a stiff, rigid tail, the dogs aren’t happy with their meeting. Take a break and try again later, or simply move on if you’re meeting another dog on the street. 

For more advice on dog behavior and healthcare, visit your vet clinic Lewisville, TX. We’re always here to help!