Three Tips for Helping Fido Lose Weight

Is your dog looking a little pudgy? He’s not alone. Nearly half of our domesticated animals are overweight! Use these tips from veterinarians Virginia Beach, VA to help your dog get their weight under control: 

See Your Vet

The first step is to set up an appointment at your vet’s office to have your dog examined. Your vet can confirm a diagnosis of obesity, and then you can work together to come up with a tailored weight-loss program for Fido. Not all pets have the same weight-loss needs, so it’s important to set up a plan ahead of time. 

Adjust the Diet

Most pets who need to lose weight will need some kind of diet adjustment. It might be as simple as cutting back the portion size. Some dogs will need an upgraded diet—ask your vet about premium pet food that you can feed your dog.

Exercise Regularly

What diet plan is complete without exercise? You’ll need to get your dog moving daily with brisk walks and fun play sessions. Ask your vet what kind of exercise might be most beneficial for your canine companion. 

Need help with your pet’s weight loss? Call your vets Virginia Beach, VA.