Understanding Pet Insurance and What It Covers

Did you know that you can purchase insurance for your pet’s health just like you would your car, your home, or a valuable item? Pet insurance policies are generally inexpensive and can prove life-saving if something unexpected happens. Learn more here as a veterinarian Lakewood Ranch, FL elaborates. 

How does pet insurance work? 

Pet insurance works like any insurance that you’re probably used to. You’ll pay a monthly, bi-annual, or yearly premium, and have a set deductible and a possible co-pay. Do your research to find a pet insurance plan that is affordable for you while offering some benefits. 

What do plans cover?

Different pet insurance policies cover different things. There are “catastrophe” plans that cover major medical expenses as a result of serious accidents or illnesses, plans that cover routine wellness checks and medication, and everything in between. 

Is pet insurance right for me?

Ultimately, deciding whether or not pet insurance is worth it is entirely up to you. It’s especially helpful for older pets, puppies or kittens, and any pet who is at a higher risk for health trouble. 

Talk to your veterinary clinic Lakewood Ranch, FL for more insights into pet insurance policies. We’re always here to help!