Learn More About Probiotics for Pets

Have you heard of probiotics before? They’re popular among humans for their various health benefits, and it turns out some of those benefits might apply to our animal friends, too. Learn more about probiotics in this article from a vet clinic Ashburn, VA.

What exactly are probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial microbes (bacteria or yeast) that live in your pet’s small or large intestines. They help to digest food, destroy pathogens, and manufacture nutrients. Think of probiotics as the “good” microbes in your pet’s gut that help keep the “bad” microbes at bay. 

Probiotics for pets can be included in pet food. It might also come in a yogurt or kefir product, or in tablet form.

How can pets benefit?

Probiotics regulate digestive health, so they’re often given to pets who need help with some sort of digestive problem. They can also help manage or treat infestations or infections, and even minimize stress in some pets. 

Should I give my pet a probiotic? 

Ask your vet if your pet could benefit from a probiotic before trying one out yourself. That way, you can be sure it’s safe. 

Call your animal hospital Ashburn, VA right away for more information on probiotics for pets.