Eco-Friendly Cat Care

More and more, we’re searching for ways to reduce our environmental impact on the planet through the products we buy and the habits we practice. Did you know there are eco-friendly ways to care for your cat? Learn more here from veterinarian Rochester, NY. 

Purchase sustainable products.

There are plenty of sustainable or “green” pet products out there—eco-friendly litter, toys made from recycled materials, and recyclable litter boxes are just a few examples. You can also research eco-friendly food choices. There are various companies committed to reducing their carbon footprint and producing earth-friendly kibble. 

Buy in bulk.

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money. It’s also good for the planet, as you’re using less packaging and using your car less often to get supplies. Consider purchasing things like litter and cat treats in bulk if you can. 

Adopt, don’t shop.

Did you know that adopting your cat from a shelter is an eco-conscious choice? It frees up resources like food, water, and energy for other pets in the shelter. In a way, you’re not just rescuing your cat—you’re saving the next pet in line, too! 

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