Why Do Dogs Pant?

You’ve most certainly seen your dog pant before. It’s something all of our canine friends do, especially when they’re hot. Did you know that dogs pant for several reasons? Learn more below from veterinary clinic Columbia, MD. 

To cool themselves down.

Of course, panting is your dog’s primary way of cooling themselves down. They don’t have sweat glands around the body the way we do. Panting cools your dog’s body by increasing the evaporation of moisture along with the tongue, lungs, and nasal passages. 

Because they’re excited or stressed.

Dogs also pant in response to the excitement and/or stress. If you’ve seen your dog panting in response to a thunderstorm, for example, that’s the reason. If this kind of behavior occurs frequently or if you’re concerned about it, let your vet know.

Because they’re sick. 

Did you know that dogs might pant when they’re feeling under the weather? If there doesn’t seem to be another reason for your dog’s panting behavior, it might be time to call your vet. Your veterinarian can examine Fido to determine if anything is wrong.

Set up an appointment to have your dog examined at your veterinarian in Columbia, MD today. We’re always here to help!