How Often Should I Feed My Cat?

Have you ever wondered how often you should feed your cat? Should cats get three meals a day like humans? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Allow your vet Webster, NY to clear up the confusion in this article. 

Consider your cat’s age. 

Kittens should be fed more times per day than an adult cat since they need more food to support proper growth. Ask your vet for details on kitten diet and nutrition. But as cat ages, they don’t need to be fed as often. Most adult cats do well with two meals per day, although some only eat once. 

Consider your cat’s health.

A healthy cat will do fine with two meals a day, but cats with certain health conditions may need more meals. A cat with diabetes, for example, might need to be fed whenever they receive insulin. Remember that your cat’s health indicates how often they might need meals!

Consider your schedule.

If mornings are busy, feed your cat in the evening when things are calmer. If you’re pulled in five different directions at night, feed Fluffy in the morning. Work your cat’s meals around your schedule. 

Call your vet clinic Webster, NY for more advice.