Meet the Cute Sphynx Cat

You might have seen Sphynx cats before. They’re very memorable with their completely hairless bodies, wide-set eyes, and huge, bat-like ears. They also make great pets! Learn more about the Sphynx in this article from vet clinic Sarasota, FL. 


Records of hairless cats in the Americas date back to the early 1900s. The Sphynx that we know of today, however, originated in the 1960s in Toronto, Canada. There, a pair of domestic shorthair cats produced a hairless litter simply because of a random genetic mutation, and the Sphynx breed has been spreading ever since.


Sphynx cats are high-energy animals thanks to their strong metabolisms; they love to jump, run, climb, and play. They’re quite friendly and intelligent and generally make good pets for most families. They’re also well-suited to families with kids!

Care Needs

Caring for a Sphynx is largely like caring for any cat. They will need frequent baths, however, because their body oil isn’t soaked up my skin the way it is with a furry cat. Sphynxes also must be protected from direct sunlight, because they can easily be burnt. 

To learn more about this fascinating cat breed, contact your veterinary clinic Sarasota, FL for help.