Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Pet

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas produced when carbon fuels aren’t completely combusted. It’s poisonous to humans, and pets as well! Learn more here from animal hospital Jacksonville, FL. 

Causes of Poisoning

A pet might be exposed to toxic levels of carbon monoxide when they’re enclosed in an area with a source of the gas—a closed garage with a car engine turned on, or a small room with a leaking gas water heater, for example. Pets could also be exposed if they’re trapped in a building that’s on fire. 


Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms can be acute or chronic. They include respiratory trouble, weakness, depression, uncoordinated movement, vomiting, seizures, and coma and death if treatment isn’t administered promptly. 

Treatment Tips

Rush your pet to the emergency room if they’ve been exposed to carbon monoxide gas. Oxygen supplementation and fluid therapy might be needed, and a pet recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning will need their activity limited until they’re back to full health. Prevent the problem by having equipment serviced regularly. Never leave your pet in the garage with the car engine turned on. 

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